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“Terraponics” What is it?

“Terraponics” What is it?

At Morning Star fisherman we are always looking for new sustainable methods of food production. One of the difficulties that we have found in duplicating our deep culture floating raft aquaponic system in developing nations is the availability of net-pots, rock-wool or hydroton as a growing media. We have consistently found the availability of good soil.

In trying to create methods that are reproducible we have created a new style of aquaponics growing that we are calling “Terraponics”. Terraponics utilizes the age old concepts of growing plants in fertile soil like an island in the stream the aquaponic water slowly flows past our terraponic containers. The plants simply wick the very nutrient rich water up through the bottom of terraponic containers and this allows rooting vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots, and radishes to grow in a very natural environment while at the same time benefiting from the ease and efficiency of aquaponic production.

This is our first season using this method of growing. We currently have twenty foot tall banana plants producing bananas, sugarcane, Taro root growing and many other plants planned to grow in our terraponics environment. We feel this is a very sustainable concept that can be reproduced anywhere around the world. We encourage you in your aquaponic gardening to consider at least one terraponic’s container.

  1. Dennis Dunn08-10-12

    Willing to try.However,I do not know where to buy tilapia fingerlings.
    Can you supply.

  2. pAUL08-11-12

    I live over here in Hudson Fl, what kind of (soil) do you put in the containers? I have AP raft system and lots of containers I can use.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul

  3. Tim Sewell08-11-12

    What are the details for the terraponic containers ie. gravel on the bottom, fabric to keep the soil from washing away, etc. ???

  4. Richard Stephenson08-12-12

    Can you describe or photograph the container and show how it is introduced to the deep water races?

    I am a recent alumni and have begun my own experimental system. I want to incorporate every possible growing opportunity. Thanks Rick

  5. Danny08-13-12

    What kind of soil do you use gor terraponics? Arent U afraid the chemicals in the soil could contaminate the fish tank? Do you filter that water before reyurning it to the fish tank?
    Thanks in advance.
    Happy growing!

  6. preasons08-14-12

    Dennis, We have tilapia fingerlings for sale. Where do you live? Some tilapia are restricted in certain areas.


  7. preasons08-28-12

    We apologize for the delayed response Danny,
    Please check out our article: “Aquaponics/Terraponics: How To” I hope this answers your question, contact us if you have anymore.
    Thank you for your interest.

  8. preasons08-28-12

    Thank you for your interest Richard. Apologies for the late response. Please visit our article “Aquaponics/Terraponics: How To” For even more photos of the containers we use click the link at the end of the article to view our facebook album.
    Let us know if you have any further questions.

  9. preasons08-28-12

    We appreciate your interest Tim, visit our article “Aquaponics/Terraponics: How To” I hope this answers your questions, let us know if you have any more.
    Apologies for the late response.

  10. preasons08-28-12

    Paul, congrats on establishing your aquaponics system! We apologize for the delayed response. Check out our article “Aquaponics/Terraponics: How To” Let us know if you have any further questions.

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