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Aquaponics to Feed the Blind in Africa

Aquaponics to Feed the Blind in Africa

This November I was thrilled to fulfill a dream that I had wished for the Village of Light in Togo, West Africa – learning how to run an Aquaponics system!    For over a month Mr. Woaku and myself (Joan Schmitz) had intensive training at Morning Star Fishermen in Dade City, Florida. You need to understand that I have been praying about this idea for over 5 years and God is answering my prayer to help feed our 40 visually impaired students with Tilapia and vegetables then open a door to be a training facility in West Africa

To say that this adventure is exciting but also a little intimidating is an understatement.  It has been great to see how CWE and Morning Star have worked with us to get this project moving.  I am humbled at how God is using the gifts of these two agencies to put this together. It has been encouraging to see and hear them say “Can we get this in Togo?” or “How can we make this work at the Village of Light?”

When Mr. Woaku and I arrived at Morning Star they had us get right into the schedule of running the aquaponics system by feeding the fish, watering the plants and learning as we had hands on experience. It was good to go over the plans of our system, learn about the ins and outs of running this system with our experts. We are both more confident about this project and I am excited to see how it comes together.

Mr. Woaku has already returned to Togo to continue his responsibilities at the Village of Light.  I am returning at the beginning of January with Mark and Renee Gage who will help us for a year to get our system up and running. The CWE teams will be coming for 3 weeks to build the system and in March Phil Reason will be coming to help us put all of our training into practice with beginning the whole system. Please pray for safety in travel and the building of our aquaponics fish farm at the Village of Light.   By Joan Schmitz

  1. Eddy-S12-19-12

    I believe that the future of agriculture – it is aquaponics. Because aquaponics – it is a healthy, ecologically pure food without any harmful chemicals

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