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Home is where the heart is – Life in Togo, Africa

26 Mar Posted by in News | Comments
Home is where the heart is – Life in Togo, Africa

I was asked recently what it was like to live in Africa.  She asked me “How can you leave America and just move to Africa and live for a year?  That must be really hard. You are a brave woman.”

I have had the experience of traveling to a few different countries with my husband, Mark.  We are missionaries that do special projects as needed all over the world.  We have never been to Africa and I wondered myself how do I prepare to live in Togo.  What do I take with us?  What will I be eating? How do I dress? What is the weather like?

Mark and I prepared ourselves with reading about the culture. We educated ourselves and learned all we could about the project we were going to direct-Aquaponics.  We took a course in Aquaponics at Morning Star Fishermen in Dade City, Florida. I also came to a point in my life that I realized God was asking me to do something for Him and in obedience I must go to Togo. I realized that God was going to equip me for what he was calling me to do.

You have heard the saying; Home is where the heart is.  I came to a point that I had to release my heart of the hold America had on it before the Togolese people could see my heart I had for them. I had to be willing to leave my home behind and totally give to the people God was calling me to.  So, today we are almost 3 months into this journey and love the experience.  We embrace going to the local market weekly for our fresh produce. We enjoy trying different African food dishes. We love the relationship we have in teaching the Village of Light Blind Center how to be self-sustaining. Being in a home of a Togolese friend for dinner has been a highlight.  It is surprising in that learning about their culture and why they do things the way they do it changes my attitude.  I am willing to give up my way of doing things and my preferences for their good and their friendship.

All of that to say, No, I am not brave, just trying to be obedient. Yes, it is hard at times but in God’s help and power I find strength.  For the question, “How can you leave America?”  I answer; home is truly where your heart is!

Written by; Renee Gage, missionary in Togo, Africa



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