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About MorningStar Fishermen

About MorningStar Fishermen

MorningStar Fishermen is an international aquaponics research and training facility located in Dade City, FL. The MorningStar Fishermen staff and scientists have been pioneering more efficient and productive ways to live sustainable through aqauaponics since 1993. More efficient and affordable aquaponic systems and strategies are being developed continuously. New techniques with terrestrial vegetable gardens utilize solid fish waste syphoned from the bottom of the fish tank. Another break through is the use of duckweed which has eliminated the need for processed fish food. This research will not only benefit communities in need but also you. You can be trained at MorningStar Fishermen during one of our short term or long term programs. MorningStar Fishermen is for Volunteers, interns, missionaries, church groups, youth groups, personal endeavors, and private organizations that want to learn hands on how to construct and operate and an aquaponics system. Our goal always stays the same, we educate students in away that encourages and prepares them to teach others.