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Bangula Malawi Africa

In 2009 Morning Star Fishermen teamed up with Iris Ministries in order to build an aquaponic facility in Bangula Malawi. Training for this project was led by our own MSF team, and we are proud that the base in Bangula is successfully growing Tilapia and produce for the community. The orphanages in the home no longer have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

The MSF team plans to return to Bangula soon to further the staff training, and to share in the harvest that has come from everyone’s hard work.  This harvest not only includes the fish and vegetables grown in the system, but the lives that have been changed along the way.  Would you like to be an international farmer? Making a donation of any amount to Morning Star Fishermen means that you are not only helping us grow tilapia and vegetables, but you are helping us grow hope for this community. We are grateful for your support!