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Courses & Workshops

As more and more people are becoming increasingly concerned with the resiliency of our food, water, energy and economic systems they are looking for personal and community sustainability.  For others, they are looking to obtain the skills to lead a more simplistic lifestyle ; an integrated agrarian way of life.

Our goal is to offer the education and community base to put these goals within the reach of those interested in discovering a fulfillment that only comes from participating more directly and personally in providing their essential needs in an agrarian culture.


We provide integrated-sustainable farming, permaculture, and re-skilling  education through evening and weekend classes, workshops, and certification courses.  Classes are taught by knowledgeable and experienced regional instructors with class sizes ranging from 5 -30 attendees.  Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will find a class that is right for you.


Participating in community organized events as an exhibitor or presenter provides us with an opportunity to engage communities and groups in a dialogue about the integrated-sustainable farming, permaculture, and re-skilling  education.  Further, we value our community and recognize the importance and need to network with and build strong ties within our community.

That is why all community education workshops are offered on a gift-economy basis. That means education is offered to all regardless of their ability to pay the recommended workshop contribution. Resilient education is our way of helping build a resilient community of skilled people.


For more information on classes, to become an instructor,  or to get enrolled call 

352-206-7022 or email