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How the Seed Library Works

How the Seed Library Works

The seed library works much like a book library. Members check out seeds in the early spring, and return seeds generally the following fall. For example if you were to check out a packet of arugula seed you would plant that seed  in your garden in the spring, designating a portion of it to be grown out for seed, and enjoying the rest in your salad during the season. When the designated portion goes to seed you would collect the seed, clean it from the plant material and return that seed to the library. Due to the abundant nature of seed it will be easy for you return a great deal more seed than you originally checked out for the future use by other members. In this way the capacity of the library grows with every member and every season.

Members are also welcome to donate seed at any time. It may be something you had originally bought from a seed company and have been growing and saving seed from for years in your garden, something that caught your eye in a friends garden and you collected seed from, or a family heirloom passed down. You would donate such seed because you want to share this unique variety with others, and because you want to see the library grow.

Returned as well as donated seed must be clean, pure and mature to be of use in the library and among its members.

One very important corner stone of the seed library is education. We strive to provide to our members all the education they will need to become proficient seed savers. Some plant types are much easier than others, and there is a whole world to be discovered once you get the seed saving bug! We offer classes, publications and online references, as well as social opportunities for members to meet and share successes and learning opportunities. It is crucial to our mission of protecting our biological diversity to train as many people as want to learn the intricacies of seed saving and even breeding.

Why Become a Member

By becoming a member of the Morning Star Seed Library, you are taking definitive action towards creating the world you want to live in. You are joining a network of passionate seed savers from all over the political, economic and ideological spectra.

Member Benefits

As a member of the library you will

  • have full access to the entire catalog of seeds
  • be able to “check out” the  seeds that you will plant in a current season free of charge
  • have online access to tons of  information and support on topics ranging from how to save seed , why to save seed, the disaster of GMOs (and what we can do), to info on other local organizations doing good work in all these areas
  • be privy to the Morning Star Seed Library calendar of events which will include educational events, local seed swaps and other community events of interest
  • become part of a community of seed freaks and geeks, at last!!!

Member Responsibilities

Even though it has the less-than-thrilling title of “responsibilities” this is really the fun part for the seed geek in all of us. As a member it is your responsibility to

  • learn to be a good seed saver,
  • save mature, pure seed from whatever you check out from the library,
  • clean the seed,
  • return that seed to the library (there will be A LOT of seed once you know how to save it, plenty for you and the library, you’ll often be able to return up to 200x the amount you checked out!!),
  • commit to a non-GMO seed sanctuary in your garden- there are a million reasons why this is necessary (saving GMO seeds is illegal for one) and desirable for  gardeners, seed savers and seed libraries alike, we’ll offer a lot more information on this topic through our website and classes.

How To Use the Library




How To Become a Member